NCMS Welcomes Ridgetop Group

New NCMS member, Ridgetop Group, has found immediate benefits to their partnership through exposure at two recent NCMS Technology Showcases.

Ridgetop Group has a strong background in developing and delivering innovative, electronic and electromechanical systems. Ridgetop offers a unique portfolio combination of integrated circuit IP, including sensors, software, engineering services, and products. For more than 16 years, Ridgetop has been providing complex on demand design solutions.

Ridgetop Group has continually refined its ATE (automatic test equipment) knowledge and now has deployed test stands assessing complex data for solving soft and hard faults in the challenging test area known as NFF( No Fault Found) at the board level. Ridgetop has capabilities of isolating fault-to-failure progression (FFP) signatures and using such signatures to identify system components that are likely to fail prematurely while in the field.

For aircraft and other commercial terrestrial systems, Ridgetop has demonstrated the effectiveness of developing tools and fault libraries which can be used to rapidly and in an automated sense, to identify failures and to diagnose their causes in advance of their failures.

They are also a leader in condition based monitoring (CBM). Ridgetop has developed data mining and anomaly detection algorithms that can examine multi-system sensor inputs. It is possible for Ridgetop to identify less obvious and indirect indicators for failures and their causes.

In prognostics, Ridgetop has developed algorithms for identifying subtle indicators for future failures based on faults. Ridgetop has developed system-level knowledge, by monitoring multiple sensor inputs and by aggregating large volumes of data and applying advanced frequency and mathematical analysis techniques. Sensor inputs may or may not be necessarily out of specification, but with enough collected data, sensor data faults are predictable too. The data associated with the IOT enabled sensor outputs via the Sentinel Network™ offers great accuracy in the prediction for failures and is an excellent predictor when servicing will be needed for industrial automation equipment and airframes.

Ridgetop has developed wireless sensor IOT networking devices to help characterize complete systems at the enterprise level with its visualization software. Ridgetop has developed a reliability based characterization platform (ProChek Plus ™) for integrated circuits at 14 nm at the wafer, and packaged level.

By deploying Ridgetop’s advance diagnostics techniques systems life are extended and warranty profiles are improved providing the customer better value.

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