NCMS Releases “Protecting the Additive Manufacturing Workflow with Blockchain Technology” White Paper

As more and more industries are realizing the benefits of additive manufacturing (AM), the transportation, distribution, and security of the needed digital files has become a major topic of consideration. The products of AM are only as viable as the integrity of the digital files and the printers that create them. The Department of Defense (DoD) is using AM for several maintenance activities and the security of those pieces cannot be left to chance.

Today, the sheer volume of data produced by supply chains and their newly formed digital ecosystems is overwhelming. If unsecured, this data has the potential to harm through counterfeit, maliciously modified, and poor quality technology data packages. The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) and their partners seek to investigate how a blockchain enabled security solution can improve the digital supply chain and enable new manufacturing and sustainment models across DoD.

Download Full Whitepaper

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