Workflow Process Automation with Automatic Status Reporting

NCMS Project #: 120605

Problem: Shelters returned from the field contain a variety of electronic equipment each requiring individual repair processes and coordinated control for reassembly. Depending on damage incurred, like components require different repair dispositions and routings. Manual daily scheduling of individual component repairs is a very complex problem that results in extended cycle times resulting from individual components not being available on a timely coordinated basis for final assembly. Production status resided in manual records in multiple locations resulting in little management visibility.


  • Availability: Implementation of WorkBridge shortens repair cycle times and reduces the need for pipeline inventory to support field operations.
  • Reliability: Disciplined computer based control of work flow results in assurance that required operations and inspections are accomplished to achieve longer service life.
  • Cycle Time: Daily work dispatching in various repair stations will result in availability of all required repair parts in a coordinated timely schedule to support uninterrupted final assembly in a minimum total cycle.

Solution/Approach: Develop and demonstrate a cost-effective automated workflow planning system through the development of business process-driven information technology (IT) architecture with the capability to continuously respond to change as tasks are performed, requiring the integration of legacy workflow, product data management (PDM) and project management systems. To meet the above requirements, the project resulted in development of a commercial software product, WorkBridge.

DOD Participation:

  • U.S. Army (Tobyhanna Army Depot)

Industry Participation:

  • Caterpillar
  • Boeing Rocketdyne
  • Concentus Technology Corporation
  • Auto-trol
  • NCMS

Final Report