LAV II Sense and Respond

NCMS Project #: 140392

Problem: The Phase I program demonstrated the effectiveness of integrating multiple new technologies to provide a complete Reliability Centered Maintenance solution designed to reduce spares stockpiles, maximize available manpower, reduce maintenance down time and reduce vehicle life cycle costs.  A number of new and emerging technologies including diagnostic sensors, knowledge management data accessibility, energy management systems, remote support-based telematics, secure communication, condition-based software algorithms, browser-based user interfaces and web portal data delivery were deployed, tested and integrated on two legacy systems.  In LAV II, the team seeks to capitalize on the activities, lessons learned, and data collected in Phase I, in order to develop and deploy a Light Armored Vehicle Sense and Respond Support System at LAV Company, School of Infantry, Camp Pendleton (SOI West).

Benefit: Implementation of condition-based maintenance throughout the LAV fleet will yield an estimated $2.5 million in cost avoidance annually.

  • An estimated 10% reduction in required maintainer man-hours will be realized through implementation of Sense and Respond principals.
  • The efficiencies derived from this project will reduce overall LAV lifecycle costs and improve operational availability.
  • This project will enable maintainers to accurately and efficiently monitor system health, predict equipment failure, diagnose malfunctions, request assistance, and order necessary parts.
  • Commanders will know, in real time, the operational and logistic status of each of their vehicles, enabling the best informed decisions possible, thus implementing the Joint Total Asset Visibility concept.
  • The LAV depot community, will benefit by receiving vehicles for rework using condition-based induction that compliments their existing “Inspect and Repair Only as Necessary” (IRON) program.
  • This effort will allow the PM–LAV to make more accurate predictions about the levels of spares stockpiles, and forecast spare consumption rates.
  • This project will leverage the substantial progress made during development of the CTMA LAV Lifecycle Logistical Support Tool.

Solution/Approach: This project will install Sense and Respond systems on 10 LAV’s.  Ultimately, the vision is that the entire fleet of LAV’s in the Marine Corps will be so equipped.

Impact on Warfighter: Increased readiness, better response time for repairs, and increased status awareness for the in-field commanders.

DOD Participation:

  • U.S. Marines (Barstow)

Industry Participation:

  • Delphi
  • Solidica
  • Portal Dynamics
  • Clockwork Solution
  • Intrepid Solutions
  • NCMS

Final Report