IUID Data Utilization Strategy and Policy Initiative for Sense & Respond Logistics (S&RL)/Total Lifecycle Management (TLCM)

NCMS Project #: 140490

Problem: The DoD has received the mandate to leverage existing and new capabilities in a joint environment, in order to enable the most cost effective solution be fielded.  As the task to leverage all available opportunities to “lean out” redundant or unnecessary costs and processes unfolds, two separate programs in the Marine Corps have begun to overlap.  Devising the appropriate process to move forward is critical to effective utilization of scare resources.


  • Elimination of “data gaps” for industries conducting maintenance and repair business with the Marine Corps, resulting in reduced risks and lower costs.
  • Real time data will improve the ability to track component configuration.
  • Commercial entities will be more inclined to participate in USMC support contracts.

Solution/Approach: Building on the progress made from a previous NCMS/CTMA project, the project team will conduct an analysis and assessment of the Marine Corps S&RL and TLCM programs to better leverage the previous work and planned activities where the objectives are mutually supporting or actually converge.  This activity will entail the inclusion of those programs and projects across the Enterprise, Headquarters I&L, SYSCOM, LOGCOM, Depots and potentially OEMs.  The team will then work with USMC subject matter experts (SMEs) and stakeholders to identify any gaps in either program that are not addressed by the current strategy.

Gaps will be prioritized and recommendations provided to HQ Marine Corps (I&L) to assist in determining best mitigation for identified gaps.  From this activity, a suitable environment will be identified in which the information garnished about 5Ws related to IUID will be applied, integrated and demonstrated to understand the right “fit” that will be appropriate in applying as policy and strategy in sustainment operations.

Impact on Warfighter:

  • More effective warranty services and/or usage guarantees, improving system readiness, availability, global visibility and tracking.
  • Reduction of supply lead times.

DOD Participation:

  • U.S. Marine Corps I&L (LPV)
  • U.S. Marine Corps LOGCOM
  • U.S. Marine Corps MATCOM
  • U.S. Marine Corps SYSCOM

Industry Participation:

  • Troika Solutions, LLC
  • RW Appleton & Company
  • NCMS

Final Report