Innovation in Hard Chrome Plating Tooling at North Island NADEP

NCMS Project #: 140404

Problem: This project involves implementation of new electrode tooling for at the NAVAIR Depot North Island plating facility.

Benefit: The new tooling will improve the quality and efficiency of the plating process, increase throughput, and decrease turnaround time.

Solution/Approach: Two specific parts will be selected from current production activities.  A baseline will be established by monitoring key production parameters (e.g. plating rates, uniformity of deposit, associated production costs).  New tooling will then be fabricated and tested and changes in production parameters, including costs and process steps will be measured and documented.  A set of production tooling will be provided to NAVAIR Depot North Island along with written instructions and training.

Impact on Warfighter: Return equipment needing repair or maintenance to service more rapidly.

DOD Participation:

  • U.S. Navy (North Island)

Industry Participation:

  • Advanced Tooling Corporation
  • NCMS

Final Report