NCMS member United Global Group brings data unity to DoD Maintenance Symposium

Partnering with Hendrick Motorsports to analyze their innovative data collection process which determines when in a race their car should pit for gas or change tires, United Global Group (UGG) wants to provide the DoD with similar real-time sensor information using their new Commando Jeep. This year, the UGG booth, #527, will demonstrate the various ways that data can be collected including a drone operating in a cage, the Powernoodle™ — platform, the R3CMA Knowledge Management System, the Additive Manufacturing Knowledge Delivery System, and Item Unique Identification technology. UGG will also unveil the new “smart” United Global Building.

Here’s a closer look at UGG technologies on display:

Additive Manufacturing Knowledge Delivery Systems (AMKDS): is a knowledge delivery system with the intent to develop a lifecycle management eco-system of all “things Additive Manufacturing” where consumers have ready access to 3D print files, technical information, training, and shared experiences.

Amazing Commando Jeep: in partnership with Hendrick Dynamics, UGG can take a commercial, off-the-shelf vehicle and modify it to meet the needs of First Responders, Border Patrol, Police and Fire personnel around the world.

Rapid, Remote, Reliability Centered Maintenance Analysis (R3CMA): enables an Adaptive Maintenance Enterprise by uniting information, process, products, and decision frameworks to pro-actively approach maintenance and sustainment activities that are immersed in RCM philosophies, principles, and practices.

Data Unity—Item Unique Identification (IUID): is a system of marking items delivered to the DoD with unique identifiers that have machine-readable data elements to distinguish an item from all other like and unlike items.

United Global Buildings: pre-engineered “smart” metal buildings that are turnkey, quickly deployed, climate accommodating, low cost, customizable, design through completion accomplished under one roof, and offer long-term warranties. Perfect for Forward Operating Bases.

“These technologies can apply across all DoD agencies and National Guard,” says Larry Paige II, CEO, United Global Group. “Data used in predictive and preventive modeling and machine learning can even sense the indicators of those with Self-Harm Ideation. With data unity and unity of effort, we can achieve the desired outcome. We can pinpoint whatever information is needed to help the warfighter.”