NCMS Membership Benefits

Strategic Level

Collaborative Level Membership

Community Level Membership

Convening company-directed, technology-focused summit, roundtable or workshop

Complimentary access to NCMS events, technology showcases, and meetings

Complimentary one page, 4/C ad in the annual magazine

Unique NCMS, non-FAR based, DoD/Industry collaborations:

  • Commercial Technologies for Maintenance Activities, (CTMA) a “Cooperative Agreement”

Accelerated contracting

Defense Contracting and Auditing Agency (DCAA)-compliant accounting

Professional, experienced project management

Priority communications for Technology Call for Papers

Extensive outreach promoting completed projects/technologies

Member Spotlight and promotions through NCMS traditional and social media channels

Access to established NCMS federal partner relationships

Network of potential funding opportunities, with active monitoring of funding platforms – including BIDS)

NCMS annual magazine and CTMA Annual Partners & Integrated Project Meeting program

Participate in NCMS forums and special interest groups

Active cross pollination of ideas and programs between government and industry

Leverage industry innovation and investment through collaborative projects

Non-Disclosure Agreement & Intellectual Property protection and protocols

Opportunity to join with other companies in collaborative projects

Access to comprehensive Member Directory with company descriptions and employee contacts

Discounts on NCMS-sponsored symposiums, workshops, conferences and technology showcases

New project announcements