Meet the Staff: Marc Sharp

In 1999, Marc Sharp enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Sharp has spent years honing his skills and reaching the rank of Gunnery Sergeant, leading Marines and training Marines on the basic fundamentals of combat marksmanship while maintaining 40+ heavy equipment machines. His Marine Corps travels have taken him to Africa, Eastern Europe, and Japan. In 2003, Sharp transferred into the Marine Corps Reserve, finished his bachelor’s degree at the University of Toledo, and entered “mostly” civilian life working for one of his previous colonels.

“I worked on a number of projects over the 3½ years while employed at Black & Rossi as an Associate Project Manager. We had a CBM project with NCMS. That’s where I met Debbie Lilu and became familiar with CTMA,” says Sharp.

That was a fortuitous event because in 2015 Sharp was looking for a new position and had kept in touch with NCMS. His military background, expertise in maintaining heavy equipment machinery, and his focus on delivering tasks on time, made him a standout option for the growing CTMA Program.

“As a project manager, I bring the same characteristics that make me a strong leader of Marines: discipline, leadership, on-time performance, the ability to prioritize and make good decisions,” says Sharp. “This is a fun and exciting role because I am learning new things all the time and working with different kinds of companies.”

As someone deeply affiliated with the military, Sharp is pleased that he can facilitate a “try it before you buy it” service that not only fills a technology gap but also can save resources at the Department of Defense.

“My role is to prepare the government to say yes, this is a viable technology to bridge a technology gap,” says Sharp.