Meet NCMS Project Manager Scott Benton

After three decades with PPG, Scott Benton has chosen NCMS to begin his second career. It’s not a surprising choice for Benton who spent the last 13 years working on PPG governmentfunded projects, several of them with NCMS and the CTMA Program. Taking an early retirement offer, Benton turned his attention to a time-honed role.  

I already knew about NCMS, the kinds of projects they have, the role of the project manager. I had experience with managing government projects which shortened my learning curve as a new NCMS project manager and I’ve been able to fall into the thick of things quickly,” says Benton.  

As a chemist, Benton has been exposed to various science and technology issues that are particularly pertinent to DOD maintenance and sustainment personnel such as coatings, corrosion, lightweighting materials, and other new technologies. He is also familiar with governmental certification and regulatory requirements and processes, so he understands what hurdles need to be addressed for successful technology transition.  

Now that he’s working for NCMS, he can see the bigger CTMA picture. He has visibility into what the CTMA Program brings to the projects and how it benefits both the government and industry as a whole. This adds to Benton’s already deep experience managing a large portfolio of projects. 

“I am always interested in learning new things,” says Benton. “Because of my diverse background, I have a broad knowledge of things, which allows me to ask the right kinds of questions. I work well with different kinds of personalities, which is the challenge and the reward of this new role.”