Meet Frank Schuster

New Director of CTMA Program Operations Finds Benefitting the Warfighter a Calling  

A lucky few find a calling in life. For some people, they are born with that calling, others come to it more gradually. For CTMA Program Operations Director, Frank Schuster, his calling to serve his country grew within him slowly but became insistent. A few months after beginning his job as a project architect, he walked into a U.S. Marine Corps recruiting office and walked out as a Marine Corps reservist. His life took a drastic turn and he’s never regretted a moment – even as a Master Sergeant Engineer Operations Chief deployed to Iraq which was difficult – he wouldn’t change a thing 

“I’m so happy I joined the Marine Corps. It was the best decision I’ve made in my life,” says Frank. “My time as a combat engineer was the best job I ever had. Every day was something different. The Marine Corps grows on you and you grow on it.” 

Once back stateside, Schuster enrolled in a master’s program in Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University. It gave him an opportunity to engage with the Department of Defense as a Subject Matter Expert in a field where he already had an extensive skillset. After years as an independent consultant, he joined Troika Solutions as Chief Operating Officer and Supply Chain Consultant.  

In late 2018 as all the NCMS programs were expanding, Frank was approached to oversee the operations of the CTMA Program which was growing exponentially. Ready for a new challenge, Frank joined NCMS in January 2019 and dove into the deep waters of program management with the same focus he gave to the Marine Corps.  

He may not be keeping supply routes safe in the Middle East anymore, but that same call to serve is still a driver in much of what he does. Whether it’s volunteering in his community, taking care of his family, or ensuring the CTMA initiatives are benefitting the warfighter, Frank is laser-focused.  

When he gets a chance to relax, he enjoys hunting, sporting events, music, and spending time with his family.