Maglogix, LLC Wins 2018 CTMA Technology Competition with Multi-Pole Permanent Magnets

On Wednesday, May 9, Maglogix, LLC won the 2018 CTMA Technology Competition at the CTMA/DLA Partners Meeting in Richmond, VA. Maglogix, LLC presented on the use of phase-cancelling multi-pole permanent magnets (MP magnets) to improve the safety and efficiency of manual work in maintenance settings.

Maglogix incorporates MP magnets into mounts, fixtures, and handlifters that help technicians manipulate heavy tools, equipment, and material, e.g., for mounting power drills and holding metal undergoing welding in place. These magnets are extremely strong and resilient, with a performance-to-weight ratio of over 400 pounds of hold force for every pound of magnet. Furthermore, they are switchable—MP magnets can be turned on and off without the need for a power source. By contrast, electromagnets require a constant flow of electricity to maintain a magnetic field and will drop objects in the event of a power loss.

Mounts and fixtures incorporating MP magnets are a useful alternative to human augmentation systems (e.g., powered exoskeletons) and mechanized assistance (e.g., overhead cranes and forklifts) for handling heavy loads. The former are expensive and heavy and can impede their users’ mobility. The latter create wait times and are difficult to deploy in tight spaces. As the workforce ages and inexperienced new technicians enter the maintenance field, Maglogix’s offerings provide valuable tools for reducing injury while ensuring precise, high-quality work.

This year’s 2018 CTMA Technology Competition was the third event of its kind; Honeywell and Thermal Wave Imaging won the 2016 and 2017 competitions, respectively. Maglogix was one of six finalists, along with Wet Technologies, Inc.; Data Fusion & Neural Networks, LLC; and NCMS members Kinetic Research Corporation, Analatom, and Automated Precision, Inc. (API). The competition provides an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase cutting-edge maintenance-related technologies to an audience of military decision-makers and industry peers and has provided a springboard for past participants to build partnerships with the Armed Forces.