Hexagon joins NCMS member base

While specific industries have their own unique challenges and motivations, productivity is central to manufacturing success across the board. Manufacturers must find the right balance of speed, efficiency, cost and quality for their product and ensure they remain productive at those levels. Sometimes there might be a payoff between factors – in the case of a luxury item where top quality is expected, you might choose to work more slowly and therefore push the cost up. For a cheaper mass-market item with less tight tolerances, speed and throughput are essential and you might prioritize streamlined processes over product quality.

At Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, we believe that the key to success for our customers is the ability to work at the speed you need while maintaining complete confidence in the reliability of your process and the quality of your products. And this is what we promise to our customers: speed and confidence in manufacturing transformation.

We do this by sensing, thinking and acting
The aim of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is to combine technologies and ideas to enable this closed loop manufacturing – developing solutions that solve customer problems. In cognitive science, the human response to a problem can be described in three terms: sensing, thinking and acting. These are the terms we use to define our areas of expertise:

  • Sensing represents our metrology heritage – using one or many sensors to gather data and gain insight into manufacturing processes
  • Thinking is our analytical ability – processing and packaging raw data into actionable information to inform decision-making
  • Acting is the implementation phase – taking the knowledge acquired through measurement and analysis and using it to make improvements in the real world

While we continue to support those customers who simply require measurement equipment for quality checking, we also recognize the increasing numbers of you who need products in all three of these areas. As Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, we are uniquely positioned to offer connected, integrated solutions with the superior response times of a single vendor – and to place information at the heart of manufacturing.

We believe that quality drives productivity
In the past, metrology could be viewed as something which presented manufacturers with problems rather than solutions. Quality assurance was a barrier to productivity. However, we believe that now, we have the potential to change this perception. Sensing, thinking and acting independently is just the first step. We are already beginning to connect the dots, creating links between each phase of the manufacturing cycle.

By tapping into the full potential of automated solutions, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 principles, we believe that sensing, thinking and acting can become an automated, closed-loop cycle, taking the theoretical knowledge gathered through metrology back into the physical world and making real improvements. In the vision of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, quality is no longer a barrier to productivity. Instead, quality drives productivity.