Global Combat Support System Integrates Critical Areas under One System

In 2010, the U.S. Marine Corps toggled logistics, maintenance, and supply together under one umbrella – the Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) – combining supply and maintenance functions under one system. Using an Oraclebased platform, the Marines had a lot of data under one umbrella but struggled to utilize its capabilities efficiently. Through a CTMA initiative, Anglicotech came onboard to help train, demonstrate, and support the Marines who were tasked with using and maintaining this system.  

To better serve the Marines, Anglicotech developed an interactive dashboard that made sense to the GCSS-MC users and put all the pertinent information in one place. The proper use of this system has helped eliminate obsolete data and accounts, and correct thousands of data errors at the unit level. The dashboard provides realtime data on unit records as found in GCSS-MC and allows units to make informed and timely decisions. It only takes 20 minutes to build and transfer some inventories that previously took up to two weeks to accomplish 

The Oracle system is a good one, but we needed to create tools and training that made the system better relate to the Marines,” says Michael Prouty, Practice Director, DOD Programs at Anglicotech. “We created teams to go out and train the Marines in how best to use this system. We go into the units and provide overtheshoulder training and unit specific technical support.” 

These teams are tailored to each unit based on its mission and locality. In total 416 Marine units have been given assist visits, rectifying over 9,000 technical issues in 2019 and training almost 3,000 Marines 

Through the CTMA Program, Anglicotech has also developed a lessons learned repository depositing over 47 courses available through the Material Readiness Training Cells environment 

“These classes use real data that the Marines can relate to,” says Prouty. “Without the flexibility of the CTMA Program, we wouldn’t have been able to address and resolve so many issues for the Marines. This program allowed us to jump on problems right away.