Aptima, Inc.

Aptima, Inc. is a small business engineering firm, headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, specializing in innovative R&D for various DoD organizations with a focus on end-user applications to augment human performance. Aptima’s expertise is in creating effective end-user solutions through the integration of wearable sensors, secure communications, and intuitive user interface design. Aptima’s work aims to seamlessly blend new technologies with end-users’ natural behaviors and environments, leading to improvements in job performance and decision-making capabilities. Among Aptima’s leading advancements within the DoD are its health/safety monitoring and atmospheric detection systems, which have a broad spectrum of applications from personal health management to industrial workforce safety monitoring. Aptima’s experienced team of scientists and engineers continuously pushes the envelope of human-centric technology, striving to translate theoretical concepts into practical solutions that address the real-world challenges faced by individuals and communities. Aptima prioritizes positive and active collaborative relationships with its project stakeholders, fostering partnerships that propel the collective pursuit of technological excellence and meaningful impact. Aptima’s comprehensive approach to R&D, coupled with a deep understanding of human-systems integration, has established its team as an industry leader in delivering innovative solutions that resonate with the evolving needs and aspirations of the end-users while contributing to the broader scientific and engineering community.


John Feeney 

Confined Spaces Monitoring

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