NAVSEA 05T sought government, academia, and industry participants to demonstrate and evaluate the viability and efficacy of products and services that expand the Navy’s ability to performed expeditionary maintenance operations for participation at fleet events/exercised, and ultimately intended to lease and/or purchase solutions for supported forward deployed Navy assets. Thank you to all who attended. This event has been concluded.


RFD due date


Review and selection of proposals for participation in the workshop.


Announcement of selected solutions

1/29/2024 – 2/2/2024

REPTX Expeditionary
Maintenance Workshop
Within 60 miles of Norfolk, Virginia

REPTX Expeditionary Sustainment & Repair (ESAR)


Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Mission:
We repair, maintain, and modernize the Fleet.  “We keep them fit to fight!”

NAVSEA 05T Strategy:
Find and field ready technology that keeps Navy assets deployable and mission capable.

Problem Statement:
The Navy has limited sustainment and repair capabilities underway and in forward locations.

Why You Should Submit a Response:
NAVSEA 05T, is seeking government, academia, and industry participants to demonstrate and evaluate the viability and efficacy of products and services that expand the Navy’s ability to perform expeditionary maintenance operations for participation at fleet events/exercises, and ultimately intends to lease and/or purchase solutions for supporting forward deployed Navy assets.

Desired End State:
Increased fleet sustainment and repair capabilities that supports the following purpose.

NAVSEA 05T1 is seeking portable solutions that can perform hull, mechanical and electrical (HM&E) sustainment/maintenance, repairs, and/or manufacturing capabilities.


Primary Technologies must be able to positively affect fit, form, or function of typical Navy maintenance or repair items:

  • Navy ship pumps
  • valves up to 8 inches (e.g., gate, ball)
  • manufacture of fasteners (e.g., cableway connectors, grommets, bolts, washers, handles)
  • electrical cabling and connections
  • circuit card repair
  • circuit card reverse engineering and manufacturing
  • machine/manufacture of shipboard components
  • fiber optics including splicing/pulling/manufacturing
  • cleanliness restoration of fluid systems (e.g., fuel system, potable water system, hydraulic system, steam plant
  • structural repair (e.g., up to 2” thick steel plate, 18” beam)
  • pipe and/or Navy ship hull patching (e.g., up to 8’ x 8’ hole in hull)
Other examples of desired technologies include, but are not limited to:

  • Robotics
  • Tele-operated equipment
  • Advanced manufacturing (mobile/depot)
  • Hand held tooling
  • Industrial plant equipment
  • Electrical
  • Fluid system analysis/cleanliness
  • ‘Shop in a box’
  • Provides hotel Services (e.g. power, air, water)

The expectation is that you will accomplish repairs at the event that demonstrate the sustainment and repair capabilities using the technologies and expertise that you bring to the event. We will not be accepting PowerPoint only demonstrations.

Chosen solutions will receive an invitation to the workshop where they will have the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities in addressing the Navy’s defined problem. The workshop activities will immerse the solutions in a live repair environment, enabling them to show their effectiveness through practical work. On-site evaluations will be carried out to assess the solution’s capacity to fulfill the requirements, and constructive feedback will be shared.

We will facilitate introductions between companies after the RFD due date that may offer automation solutions for your product (collaboration opportunity). We encourage field ready repair technologies to apply and we will work together for a solution.

We have dedicated resources in place, which are listed at the end of this announcement, to facilitate and support collaboration with other attending organizations.

RFD submissions will be reviewed, and you will be notified if you have been selected to participate.

The demonstration team will need to fully fund their capabilities, as there is no federal match and no legislative appropriation for this project. The government will not reimburse teams for lost or damaged assets.

Requirements / Considerations / Evaluation Criteria

Examples of work location considerations (for Navy environments).

  • Ashore for this workshop, but dual purpose for both ashore and shipboard is desired
  • Above and below the water
  • High and low light conditions
  • High and low temperatures

Examples of functional considerations (for Navy environments):

  • Tether for power and repair capabilities may be needed
  • Precision movements
  • Ability to characterize defects for making repairs
  • Size constraints (i.e. fit within ship manways)
  • Power constraints (i.e. utilizes ship power, requires alternative power sources)
  • Internet connectivity

Submit your technology for consideration

Submission Details

Submission Package Overview

All Applications must be saved and submitted as a single PDF and not exceed 10 MB.
Applications should contain:

  • Completed RFD Information
  • Company literature, catalogs, technical information and/or specification sheets pertaining to your technology.
  • Rough Order Magnitude (ROM) sales price for the solution you intend to demonstrate and any economies of scale you can project. Include cost categories and amounts that go into the ROM sales price.
  • A video (less than 5 minutes) that explains how your technology solves the Navy need.

Submission form:

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