June 9, 2021
Wyndham San Diego Bayside
1355 North Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101


The Innovation Expo is part of the Carrier Team One Annual Community Event, a three-day conference that addresses lessons learned and develop a road map to move forward to meet the goal to get aircraft carriers back to the fleet reliably, affordably, and ready to execute their national defense mission. Registration for the Expo includes one exhibitor tabletop and access to participate in the entire 3-day event if desired.  All government attendees of the 3-day event will attend the June 9 Expo.


The overall goal of the Expo is to promote new and innovative cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to enhance the capabilities of our public and private aircraft carrier shipyards and to assist them in obtaining peak productivity and efficiency.

Industry Registration

Exhibitors participating in the Innovation Expo will have the opportunity to showcase a wide variety of next-generation technologies that could contribute to the mission of the Navy’s Aircraft Carrier Maintenance Community.

Participation in this event enables your company to provide high visibility to your technology. This annual event also provides opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing among the leading technology experts who serve the Navy’s aircraft carrier maintenance community. High-ranking authorities and experts in the field, including U.S. Navy Admirals and NAVSEA innovation team specialists, will be in attendance to engage with company representatives and view demonstrations. Based on the demonstration, they will assess the usefulness of the technology or process and how the implementation of it would add value and align with the Navy’s overall mission.

Due to COVID-19 and health measures, there is limited space available for participants to be physically present. We encourage those who wish to attend in person to register as soon as possible.

Exhibitor Information

  • The Innovation Expo will be held in a ballroom. The ballroom will be locked overnight.
  • NCMS shall, under no circumstances, be liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged
  • Shipping and Wi-Fi will be charged on an individual basis. Feel free to reach out to the hotel directly to arrange.
  • Online Directory: As a part of exhibitor registration, you are required to submit company and technical abstracts. To make a lasting impact, be sure to complete this package by submitting your logo and quad chart to eventsupport@ncms.org.
  • This will be a great opportunity for the end-users to get hands-on experience with your technology. To provide the most impact,  actual demonstrations of capabilities when applicable are highly encouraged.  Demonstrations containing parts manufactured in China will be prohibited.

Important Dates & Times

12:15pm-3:30pm – Set-up

9:00am-11:00am- Set up
5:00pm Tear Down

Technology Problem Statements

Carrier Team One has provided Problem Statements further explaining a few of the maintenance and sustainment challenges they are trying to solve.

Corrosion Prevention

Repairing damage from, and attempting to control, corrosion is a multi-billion dollar endeavor annually across NAVSEA.  Corrosion prevention typically entails barrier coatings such as paint.  Given the large annual cost associated with corrosion prevention, there are ample opportunities to make small improvements which translate into significant cost reductions.


Inspection (Tanks & Voids)

-Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)

In order to best focus coating prevention/control resources, inspections of the coating condition (or corrosion condition) of difficult to access areas is required (e.g., ship tanks).  Human access to shipboard tanks is not possible without significant infrastructure being established (gas assessments, staging, lighting, etc.).  The use of ROVs for the inspection process would allow humans to remain outside of tanks.


Coating Removal and Surface Preparation Systems

-Laser Ablation

-Laser Ablation Technology Applications

Since the lifespans of Navy coating systems are less than the lifespans of the ships, and these coatings are prone to damage during service, a major endeavor during ship availabilities is the repair or replacement of coating systems.  During these operations, a significant percentage of the labor entails removing the old/degraded coatings and preparing the surface to receive the new coatings.  Paint removal and surface preparation operations typically entail the use of tools which are cumbersome, can produce significant amounts of waste, and are often hazardous to the worker (e.g., abrasive blasting or use of grinders/needle guns).  Better technology may exist to increase production rates, reduce waste generation and/or reduce worker hazards.  These technologies (e.g., laser ablation) warrant thorough evaluations though, to ensure no unintended physical damage to the ship or personnel results.


Cold Spray Technology for Repair and Maintenance

Some metal repairs can be difficult or impossible to execute using welding processes due to the heat input and subsequent distortion which is common.  Cold spray is a technology which deposits metal by accelerating metal powders to supersonic speeds and impinging them upon a surface, creating a strong bond.  While the technology is not yet shown to be suitable for most structural repairs, it is presently capable of performing dimensional restorations, depositing wear-resistance surfaces, and applying coatings which are corrosion resistant compared to the underlying substrate.

Desired Capabilities

Please review this list of desired capabilities. If your technology is not on this list that doesn’t preclude you from attending. Due to the limited space, all registrations will be reviewed by the Carrier Team One to ensure suitability. If your technology is not selected, that only means it isn’t a current Carrier Team One maintenance and sustainment priority but may be in the future.

  • Corrosion Prevention*
  • Coating Removal and Surface Preparation*
  • 3D Handy Scanners/Laser Scan
  • 3D Systems Mapping
  • Additive Manufacturing (various materials)
  • Cold Spray Technology for Repair and Maintenance*
  • Coating (engine housings, fuel tanks, etc.)
  • Equipment Modernization
  • Inspection (tanks & voids)*
  • Laser Ablation
  • Special tooling and Equipment
  • Welding
  • Confined Space Monitoring Systems
  • Non-Destructive Inspection methods
  • Solutions for Weld Inspections
  • Air Leak Detector and Viewer
  • Collaborative Robots for Industrial Application
  • Material Tracking
  • Collection and Analysis of Measurement
  • Hull Treatments Maintenance Repair
  • Needle Gun Scaler
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
  • Ergonomic Surface Preparation System
  • Non-invasive Anti-fouling Assessment
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Ultra High-PressureWater Jetting
  • Pipe Cutting and Machining Parts
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Training Solutions
  • Radiological Surveys
  • Switchable Magnet Technologies
  • Human Augmentation

* See Problem Statement

Wyndham San Diego Bayside
1355 North Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101
*Reservations must be made by 5/24/21

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If there is any question as to whether you qualify for a specific registration type, please email eventsupport@ncms.org for clarification.

Government Attendee

Government Attendees should register through the full event site. Please click below.

Exhibitor Registration

One individual exhibitor registration
One exhibitor tabletop

NCMS Member – $150
Non-Member – $200

Exhibitor Support (no table top)

Registration for one individual who is supporting staff for a previously purchased exhibitor tabletop
Previous tabletop registration required per company

NCMS Member – $150
Non-Member – $200

If there is any question as to whether you qualify for a specific registration type,
please email
eventsupport@ncms.org for clarification.