ZOLLER Inc. is a technology focused company that has been developing innovative tool presetting and inspection machines as well as Tool Management Solutions software for optimal management of cutting tools for nearly 75 years. The portfolio of solutions ranges from tool presetting, inspection, balancing and shrinking machines to integrated automation and tool storage options, as well as TMS Tool Management Solutions software with interfaces to most major CAD/CAM programs.

ZOLLER’s equipment and technology is used worldwide, particularly in the automotive, aerospace and defense industries, in hydraulics and pneumatics manufacturing, as well as many other emerging fields and markets.

The ZOLLER brand stands for technological innovation, a consistent commitment to quality and a sense of efficiency. Our integrated hardware and software solutions are developed in-house in order to provide verifiable productivity increases and grow with the challenges of the future of modern manufacturing.

Our promise to our customers is a clear, consistent and traceable increase in productivity in their production processes. More speed, higher quality parts, and secure processes; This is what our solutions stand for.


Featured Technology

ZOLLER Tool Presetting. Tool Inspection and Tool Management Solutions

The ZOLLER »zidCode« is a device that makes fast, reliable, error free transfer of tool life and tool offset data from the presetter to the machine controller not only possible, but extremely simple. »zidCode« ensures 100% correct tool offset and tool life information at the machine controller, improved productivity and reliability, all in a paperless process, plus flexible, low-cost integration to any machine tool controller, without the use of a network connection. Regardless of user, »zidCode« will get the right information to the machine controller, every time, which guarantees accuracy and helps provide more efficient manufacturing.

The ZOLLER »venturion« is the premium presetting and measuring machine for all kinds of cutting tools. »venturion« has an intuitive user interface and comfortable control elements, plus powerful optics and »pilot« image processing software. Its robust design means it is equally capable in a climate controlled room as it is on the shop floor directly next to the CNC machine tool. Thanks to its use of brand-name, high quality components, the »venturion« is presetter built to last for years to come, regardless of where it is placed in your manufacturing process.

When combined, the »zidCode« and »venturion« are the perfect combination for ensuring accurate measurement results, and providing a secure, reliable, efficient way to transfer that data or tool life information directly to the machine controller. Accurate tool measurements combined with seamless data transfer to the machine controller means a better, faster, more efficient manufacturing process. With ZOLLER, manufacturing and maintenance facilities for the Navy are prepared to face tight deadlines with no room for errors, and feel secure in knowing that »zidCode« and »venturion« will ensure the part is done right the first time, every time.

Michael Gallier