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Siemens Government Technologies, Inc. (SGT) is the federally compliant arm of global Digitalization, Automation, and Power/Energy solutions provider Siemens AG.

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Digital Twin of SSN Availability

The Naval Sea Systems Command (PMS 555) has partnered with NCMS and Siemens to model and simulate the shipyard operations, and define the optimal shipyard plant layout and configuration at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard (PHNSY). The proposed solution to create a digital model of an SSN shipyard repair availability is a bold concept since no digital model of this magnitude has ever been attempted. Digital twins are used to simulate, predict and optimize industry before investing in physical assets. The plan and execution will reflect two major streams of work: 1) Identify and model process improvements necessary to execute 80% of the required maintenance work during an availability within a single dry dock production facility and 2) Identify and model process improvements necessary to execute the remaining 20% of the work. Both workflows need to be accounted for, modeled and optimized as a whole rather than individually. The data for the digital model will be obtained from three sources: 1) Shipyard business systems which are existing data bases such as AIM, TGI, and PSS, 2) Interviews of shop personnel to fill in data gaps so the model operates correctly, and 3) facility and infrastructure data.

PMS-555 has created a list of key performance indicators that the digital model should address, primarily the length of the availability, and the number of man-hours expended during an availability.

PHNSY was established in 1908. A majority of facilities were constructed during WWII, or during the Cold War.

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Siemens provides DoD/Mil customers with Advanced Manufacturing & Repair Optimization Solutions that drive Readiness while lowering cost of operations.

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