CTMA Recently Completed Projects

2D/3D Data Model Collaboration Between FRC Southwest, FRC East & FRC Southeast

The project focused on allowing resources from other FRC locations to participate in any portion of the Manufacturing Model Management System process via remote access to FRC Southwest’s PLM environment to prove the “One FRC” concept promoted by COMFRC. Capabilities to search and share data enhanced maintenance and logistics processes.


Collective Mind:  Avoidance of Maintenance Cost through Predictive Trending

The Collective Mind initiative was launched to demonstrate the value of “Big Data” analytics in a maintenance environment. Big data analytic system algorithms are optimized for rapidly scanning and processing data systems to notify maintenance and supply managers about emergence of possible significant problems substantially earlier.  The project began to explore the hypotheses and accomplished its limited objective.


ZeroG® Arm Technology Transfer to DoD Depots to Reduce Injuries and Reduce the Cost of Maintenance

This project conducted a productivity assessment to evaluate the benefits of applying zeroG® technology to assist depot workers as they used a variety of tooling (e.g. sanders, drills, grinders, etc.) that require periods of prolonged use. The assessment reviewed both quantitative measures and qualitative measures of productivity (worker fatigue, ergonomics, etc.). Designed to carry the weight of heavy tools, zeroG® allows the completion of arduous tasks with a higher degree of quality while eliminating most of the physical stress and fatigue experienced by the workforce.


Maintenance and Supply Accountability and Process Efficiencies – Marine Corps User Experience and System Operational Improvement for GCSS-MC

The goal of this project was to assist the Operational Advisory Group (OAG) in identifying areas of concern, creating a way ahead, and devising improvements upon the systems, processes and procedures associated with Global Combat Service Support Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) as identified by HQMC to include but not exclusive to combat service support operations in CONUS and deployed environments. The actions of the project included the identification of technology, training, processes, policy and skill sets needed to increase effectiveness and efficiency in the Marine Corps Maintenance and Supply Operations.


Advanced Mobile Electrical Fault Detection and Isolation Tester (AMEFDIT) for All Aircraft Subsystems

The purpose of the initiative was to evaluate the new electrical wiring tester, AMUET, developed by a Canadian company, Solavitek, on two selected electrical subsystems on the C-130 at Warner Robins ALC. While the project budget imposed some limitations on the scope of work, the overall results demonstrated that AMUET was a very agile platform to configure and operate. AMUET capabilities were demonstrated on two subsystems on the C-130 (engine instrument and anti-skid braking). Objectives for set-up and operational performance in the D-Level and potentially for the O-Level testing were met.


MARFORRES Material Readiness Analysis and Logistics Information Management

The focus of the effort was to improve the Marine Forces Reserve inventory accuracy including data entry along with providing greater visibility of inventory status and readiness throughout the Forces. A new tool was developed to track, evaluate and analyze ground equipment and personnel data. While training was ongoing, the dashboard tool was developed with seven of the 11 readiness metrics, refined and tested in collaboration with Marine Forces Reserve G-4 and G-8 Information Management/Knowledge Management.