2015 NCMS Technology Showcase

NCMS Showcase stitches Additive technology to Predictive Innovation together with Digital thread for DoD Maintenance and Sustainment

In a dual track event at George Mason University last week, NCMS presented another Technology Showcase as part of its continuing series of events that feature technology and industry solutions for the most current and demanding applications. These events have proven to be the drivers of collaboration projects that offer innovative sustainable solutions at less cost with faster deployment.

This event at George Mason which is home to a NCMS Grid Cell that promotes the use of “Predictive Innovation” through simulation and modeling tools, focused on the needs of the Airforce and the broader Department of Defense needs in additive technology for Maintenance and Sustainment. Leaders in this field from industry and government shared their lessoned learned and discussed paths forward for needed further development. Workforce development and new tools to achieve these goals were an important part of the discussions and presentations. Government participants from Air Force, NAVAIR, NASA and NIST provided depth and background to the needs. Featured industry speakers and panelists from General Electric Company, Elevate Systems, Dassault Systems, Siemens PL, Altair, and Lockheed Martin highlighted the event.

The complementary second track to the Showcase added an in depth look at digital tools and their impact on collaboration and technology development. Simulating crash and blast analysis from the Collision Safety and Analysis Center at George Mason and amazing product development accomplishments to augment human capabilities such as the FORTIS Exoskeleton from Lockheed Martin and advanced seating solutions from Survivability Solutions rounded out the event. Digital tools and capability from Siemens, Dassault and Altair closed the gaps with thought provoking solutions.

NCMS has proven over 30 years that collaboration like this offers exceptional benefits to the development and application of technologies such those examined at this Showcase. The CTMA (Commercial Technologies for Maintenance Activities) program from NCMS provides the required infrastructure to bring together the needs and talents from government and industry for the benefit of both.


2015 NCMS Technology Showcase – November 3, 2015

NCMS is excited to announce a Technology Showcase that will be focused on additive manufacturing and its’ importance in the maintenance and sustainment community.  The event will also focus on NCMS initiatives including:

  • CTMA and Additive Manufacturing for Maintenance Operations (AMMO Working Group)
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • The Grid Initiative and Grid Cells
  • Department of Transportation (DoT) IDIQ/Automotive Safety

There will be an evening tabletop display reception following as part of your 2015 NCMS Technology Showcase registration.

November 4th will be an DoD Industry Day focusing on Additive Manufacturing Technologies. You may request an invitation to participate by completing the Company AM Capabilities section within the registration form. Please reference November 4th Company AM Capabilities Tab for more information.


The University is mid-way driving distance from both airports. National Airport is a little closer, but Dulles Airport may be a little easier.

Rental cars are recommended as the metro does not extend to the GMU Campus.

Directions to George Mason University Hub Building from Exit 54A of the Washington Beltway 495:

  • Take exit 54A to Braddock Road, Route 620 West towards Fairfax, Virginia. Go 5 miles.
  • Turn right on Roberts Road. Go .3 miles
  • Turn left of Shenandoah Lane. Go .2 miles
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  • Turn right on Sandy Creek Way. Go 197 ft.
  • Turn left in Shenandoah Parking garage.

Take parking ticket with you.

Directions to HUB Building:

  • Locate the elevator and go up one floor to “street level”
  • Leave the building to the right and cross the street towards the “Wooden Bridge”. Go 25 yards
  • Cross the bridge
  • The HUB Building will be on your right approximately 25 yards after the bridge
  • The Showcase will be on the second floor.


  • There are two payment machines located on the 1st floor of the parking garage near the elevators.
  • Submit you parking ticket to pay for parking.
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GMU Event Parking

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2015 NCMS Technology Showcase Agenda

3 November

0700 – 0800
Registration and Continental Breakfast

0800 – 0830
Ali Andalibi, Associate Dean for Research, George Mason University
Welcome and Opening Remarks

0830 – 0845
Richard Jarman, President & CEO, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS)
NCMS efforts to advance technology related to digital manufacturing, i.e. CTMA projects, Grid Cell efforts and Lockheed Martin initiative

0845 – 0915
Greg Kilchenstein, Director, Enterprise Mx Technology, Office of the Secretary of Defense (Maintenance)
Importance of Digital Thread/Additive Manufacturing Technologies

0915 – 0945
Mark Shaw, Additive Growth Playbook Leader, GE Aviation
AM Part Qualification – Lessoned Learned by GE Aviation

0945 – 1015
Jon Riley, Senior Vice President, Technology, NCMS
Digital Manufacturing, MBE, Florida Grid Cell Initiatives

1015 – 1045
Networking Break


Track 1:
Additive Manufacturing for Maintenance and Sustainment

1045 – 1215
Panel Session 1 – AM Material Qualification / Certification / Standards
Parts for defense weapons systems must be produced using qualified manufacturing processes and in some cases (flight critical parts, for example) they must be certified. Although AM isn’t new, the technology has only recently progressed to the point where it is useable for repair/replacement parts. Potential benefits are well known and widely publicized but industry standards for feedstock materials and manufacturing processes, critical for qualification and certification, are just now emerging. This panel will discuss issues and lessons learned with applying AM parts to the DoD Maintenance and Sustainment Community and the current state of standards that will enable the use of AM for maintenance and sustainment applications.

Speakers Include:

  • Keith Bearden, Col/Deputy Director, Engineering and Technical Management, HQ AFMC, U.S. Airforce (Moderator)
  • Scott Gray, President, Elevate Systems (Confirmed)
  • Shawn Moylan, Mechanical Engineer/Project Leader, Engineering Laboratory Intelligent Systems Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (Confirmed)
  • Jim Hansen, OC-ALC (Confirmed)
  • Art Fisher, Business Development, Digital Manufacturing Technologies, UL (Confirmed)


Track 2:
Predictive Driven Innovation

1045 – 1115
Clarke Orzalli, RADM USN (ret), DS Government Solutions, Board of Directors NCMS
Predictive Technology opportunities in the DoD

1115 – 1145
Rudolf Reichert, Research Assistant Professor, George Mason University, Center for Collision Safety & Analysis
Integrated Modeling – An Automotive Perspective

1145 – 1215

Karen Banar, Solutions Consultant, Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. Digital Factory Division
Siemens Human Product Solutions – providing value in all phases of the product life cycle


1215 – 1330
Networking Lunch


1330 – 1500
Panel Session 2 – Additive Manufacturing Education and Workforce Development
As with all new technologies it is important that everyone from top management, supply chain management, manufacturing supervision to the production floor operator and maintainer have the education and training needed to apply AM.  This panel will explore not only what training is currently available to develop the workforce, but what additional tools will be needed in the future to assure a smooth transition to AM.   Don’t miss this fully interactive panel.

Speakers Include:

  • Ben Bouffard, NAVSEA, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock, Moderator (Confirmed)
  • John Forsythe, Deloitte Consulting (Confirmed)
  • LT Todd Coursey, NAVSEA (Confirmed)
  • Mary Kinsella, Senior Manufacturing Research Engineer, AFRL (Confirmed)
  • Jim Davis, Defense Acquisition University (Confirmed)
  • Wayne Ayer, Technical Director, Air Force Sustainment Center Engineering & Technical Management (AFSC/EN) (Confirmed)


1330 – 1400
Keith Maxwell, Lockheed Martin Corp. 
Introducing Fortis Exo-Skeleton

1400 – 1430
Chuck Cepak, Survivability Solutions
Advanced Seating Solutions for Today’s Warfighter

1430 – 1500
Jeff Brennan, Chief Marketing Officer, VP Global Markets, Altair Engineering
Optimizing Tomorrow’s Technologies


1500 – 1515
Networking Break

1515 – 1645
Panel Session 3- The Digital Thread Revolution
You don’t have to look far to find examples of how the digital revolution is changing industries around the world. Digital technology is being used to more efficiently identify customer needs, reduce costs, and improve the quality of products and services. The manufacturing industry, in particular, is benefiting greatly from advances in areas that include modeling, simulation and automation. However, the greatest impact in manufacturing can only be realized when design and manufacturing are seamlessly integrated using digital technology.

Speakers Include:

  • Mimi Hou, Ph.D., Lockheed Martin (moderator)
  • Clarke Orzalli, RADM USN (ret), Senior Federal Business Development Executive, Dassault Systems Government Solutions (DSGS) (Confirmed)
  • Brian Schott, CTO, Nimbis Services Inc. (Confirmed)
  • Paul Huang, Program Officer, ONR-O3T, ManTech, Navy (Confirmed)
  • Moneer Helu, Ph.D., Systems Integration Division, Engineering Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (Confirmed)

1700 – 1915
Evening Tabletop Display Reception

4 November

DoD Industry Day (closed door sessions by invitation only as requested by government)

Registration Levels

Registration fees for the 2015 NCMS Technology Showcase have the following tiers:

  • Non-NCMS Members $300.00
  • NCMS Members $200.00
  • Government (With .mil email address) No Charge


Consider taking advantage of one of the below options to expand your presence at the 2015 NCMS Technology Showcase. When registering, please select your sponsorship tier and complete the registration. An NCMS representative will contact you with a discount code for any additional complimentary registrations. .

Gold ($10,000)

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Tabletop Displays

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Tabletop tiers:

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  • Non-NCMS Member tabletop: $100.00

Tabletop information:

  • Tabletop size: 3′ x 6′
  • Set up: Wednesday, 3 November, 7 AM – 8AM
  • Tear down: Wednesday, 3 November, 7 PM- 9 PM
  • No freight shipping available
  • Please denote need for electricity or special accommodations in registration form

Tabletop suggested checklist:

  • Use a tabletop banner display for your company name, call to action, or contact information
  • Applicable print collateral with:
  • Description and benefits of your technology or service
  • Reference to active use cases applicable to DoD
  • List the CTMA projects your company has participated in
  • Business cards
  • Giveaway items, pens, etc.
  • Table visitor sign-in log



NCMS is looking to strategically leverage the advantages of additive manufacturing (AM) to support the warfighter. Safely introducing this rapidly evolving technology and AM components into aircraft, ground support equipment and vehicles will require significant coordination and cooperation to insure compliance with airworthiness requirements.

We will be inviting a select number of suppliers to participate in closed door, one-on-one government-only information exchange discussions to explore mutual interests and concerns relative to implementing AM.

The supplier will be requested to lead a detailed, in-depth discussion of their own AM program. Ample time should be allowed for open discussion and exchange of ideas. Since the invited companies are well known and respected suppliers, there will be no need to include detailed general material on the company’s products and capabilities.

Prime areas of government interest will include the supplier’s current efforts in developing and manufacturing AM saleable hardware for safety critical structural and non-structural components. Topics for presentation and discussion should focus on AM equipment owned and planned, as well as specific materials in production and in current development.

There is specific interest in unique aspects and lessons learned regarding: designing and redesigning for both the limitations and opportunities inherent to AM; required procedures for qualification of equipment and materials; developing AM specific materials specifications; material sourcing, handling and storage; part validation and ongoing process control; methods for non-destructive part inspection; and, employee training and specialization.

The goal of NCMS is to communicate the strategic approach for AM and to gain an understanding of each supplier’s unique experience and lessons learned in implementing the rapidly growing technology of AM.

Request for invitation

Please provide applicable Company AM Capability information within the registration form.  An NCMS representative will contact you with any questions.

Confirmation of invitation

You will be contacted directly if your company has been selected to participate in the November 4th Industry Day.