Wet Technologies Has the Opportunity to “Clean Up” in the Maintenance Innovation Challenge

Surface preparation is not new technology, but the technology developed by Wet Technologies closed loop Wet Blasting systems, is cleaner,safer, more efficient, faster, and more effective than the others. Frederick Greis,founder and CEO of Wet Technologies began using his technology at nuclear powerplants to decontaminate components after a power outage to remove the alpha andbeta particles. Then came the aviation MRO industry with its bevy of corrosion,dirt, paint, and other problems, especially in the engine and landing gearareas. A dozen other industries have followed.

“I founded Wet Technologies in my basement where I designed my own equipment,” says Greis. “I began working with Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Sikorsky, to prepare their carbon fiber for bonding. My high concentration process contributes to bonding strengths up to three times stronger than anything else they’d tried before making their components safe to operate. To our knowledge, they haven’t had a single delamination in flight since using my system.”

Currently, every single submarine repair facility utilizes Wet Technologies to descale, clean, and overhaul. It is even used to descale and decontaminate test missile tubes due to the speed, cleanliness, and elimination of most human exposure to dangerous dust and other contaminants.

This innovative technology couldn’t go unnoticed by the Maintenance Innovation Challenge judges and is one of six finalists (and one ofthree who are NCMS members). Greis will present his technology in front of hundredsof maintenance decision makers across all the services.

“As a small company with a dozen or so people who are always busy, it is great to be invited to this large stage with the right context and the right audience. We’ll try to present a good outline of what we do and our successes in our allotted few minutes,” says Greis.

To learn more about Wet Technologies, visit the NCMS booth, #313 During the DoD Maintenance Symposium December 17-20.