Troika Solutions plans for EFAC program deployment across the Department of Defense

Troika Solutions is conducting a study to recommend a deployment plan for the Expeditionary Fluid Analysis Capability (EFAC) program across the Department of Defense ground vehicle fleet. This study is the result of another positive NCMS sponsored project for the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD).

EFAC was designed to be a low cost, effective, deployable oil analysis device that helps maintain equipment availability and readiness while saving money and time for ground vehicle fleet maintainers. Troika Solutions’ pilot efforts include an assessment of the value of a hand-held fluid analyzer to enable analysis of fluid condition at the point of maintenance.

The essential element of Condition Based Maintenance+ (CBM+) is conducting maintenance based on need rather than the calendar. One key way in which this can be implemented is the analysis of fluids such as lubricating oil and hydraulic fluid to determine serviceability. Having validated the value through these efforts, and with the input from Business Case Analyses conducted by the US Marine Corps I&L and the US Army AMSAA, Troika is now developing a recommended deployment plan for fielding of this capability throughout the Department of Defense.

Every year thousands of gallons of still serviceable oil and hydraulic fluid are changed solely due to predetermined schedules regardless of the use the vehicles have seen during the period. The cost for this is substantial and includes disposal of the used oils. In addition, analysis of fluids presents an opportunity to assess the condition of the vehicle being used. For example, if anti-freeze is detected in motor oil, or water is detected in hydraulic fluid, these conditions indicate a potentially serious mechanical failure. If wear metal is detected it can indicate an array of possible failures and enable the maintainer to address them before actual failure occurs.

EFAC enables maintainers in the field to examine the condition of fluids before changing them needlessly. It also provides an indication of vehicle condition in real time at the point of service.

Troika Solutions, along with NCMS, has assembled a team of SMEs from across the DoD to develop a meaningful deployment recommendation. Troika Solutions is proud to be involved in this effort and is eager to support this valuable CBM+ capability.

To learn more about EFAC or Troika Solutions, please visit Troika’s website or watch this EFAC video.   Questions and comments may also be sent to Bob Appleton or Frank Schuster via or by calling (571) 375-7142.