Team SUB Small Business Sustainment Technology Showcase Offered Companies Rare Insights

NCMS partnered with SEA OOK Team SUB to host the Small Business Sustainment Technology Showcase on September 16-17, 2020 at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC. This virtual event showcased innovative technologies from small businesses to assist the Submarine Program Executive Offices (PEO) with a broad spectrum of shipyard modernization efforts.

On Day 1, industry participants learned more about the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) current and future needs through presentations [link the presentations] from commanders, executive directors, program managers, and researchers. Key government decision-makers and others were able to visit multiple technology rooms where they were introduced to up to six new technologies per room to learn more.

Event Agenda

View Day 1 Presentations here.

The four virtual technology rooms and the companies presenting in them were:

Room #1 Advanced Manufacturing  SBST Tech Talk Room 1 – Advanced Manufacturing Team Submarine

  • MELD Manufacturing Corporation
  • Open Additive
  • Pacific Engineering Inc.
  • Elevate Systems
  • Direct Dimensions

Room #2 Reliability Technologies  SBST Tech Talk Room 2 -Reliability Technologies

  • Integra Technologies
  • Hiller Measurements, LLC
  • Element 119 LLC
  • Sterling Design
  • Structural Composite
  • Artemis Electronics

Room #3 Specialized Tooling  SBST Tech Talk Room 3 – Specialized Tooling

  • Atmospheric Plasma Solutions
  • SurClean
  • Temple Allen
  • Maglogix
  • Fairmont Technologies

Room #4 Digital Innovations/Automation Processes  SBST Tech Talk Room 4 – Digital Innov Automation Processes

  • Semantic AI
  • Lunar Eye
  • RE2 Robotics
  • NAG Marine
  • Cornerstone Consulting Org.

On Day 2 each company had an opportunity to meet one-on-one with the NAVSEA Small Business Program decision-makers.

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