Team SUB Small Business Sustainment Technology Showcase Offered Companies Rare Insights 

NCMS partnered with SEA OOK Team SUB to host the Small Business Sustainment Technology Showcase on September 16-17, 2020 at the Navy Yard, Washington DC. This virtual event showcased innovative technologies from small businesses to assist the Submarine Program Executive Offices (PEO) with a broad spectrum of shipyard modernization efforts.  

On Day 1, industry participants learned more about the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) current and future needs through presentations [link the presentations] from commanders, executive directors program managers, and researchers. Key government decision-makers and others were able to visit multiple technology rooms where they were introduced to up to six new technologies per room to learn more 

On Day 2, four virtual technology rooms were created to provide a venue for the companies to present their technologies. A list of the technology rooms and the companies presenting [link to company presentations] in them were: 

Room #1 Advanced Manufacturing 

  • MELD Manufacturing Corporation 
  • Open Additive 
  • Pacific Engineering Inc. 
  • Elevate Systems 
  • Direct Dimensions 

Room #2 Reliability Technologies 

  • Integra Technologies 
  • Hiller Measurements, LLC 
  • Element 119 LLC 
  • Sterling Design 
  • Structural Composite 
  • Artemis Electronics 

Room #3 Specialized Tooling 

  • Atmospheric Plasma Solutions 
  • SurClean 
  • Temple Allen 
  • Maglogix 
  • Fairmont Technologies 

Room #4 Digital Innovations/Automation Processes 

  • Semantic AI 
  • Lunar Eye 
  • RE2 Robotics 
  • NAG Marine 
  • Cornerstone Consulting Org. 

Each company that participated will have an opportunity in the near future to present their technology one-on-one with the NAVSEA Small Business Program.  

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