Sources Sought: Urgent – NCMS is Assisting the U.S. Air Force in Seeking Materials to Create Dorsal Longerons for Use on the B-1

The U.S. Air Force has an immediate need for 1 billet of materials to create Dorsal Longerons (DL) for the B-1. All suppliers that have this material available are encouraged to respond.


Materials are scarce and in high demand due to the supply chain disruption from the Covid-19 pandemic. The U.S. Air Force urgently needs 1 billet of materials to create Dorsal Longerons for the upper fuselage repair efforts for the B-1 Bomber. Without this material, work will stop in a matter of weeks leading to a potential significant schedule delay. Companies that can deliver material for this immediate B-1 need may have the opportunity to supply up to 36 additional billets of DL materials for multiple B-1 repairs into the future, starting in FY23 with 5 delivered per year.


Below you will find the required material specifications.

Required Material Specifications

SS 10.2 X 172.0
ZN 109B



Please review the following FAQ document for additional details.

Q: What are you looking for? 4” diameter bar stock? 4”x 10.2” x 172” long bar stock?
A: The stock should be 4” thick x 10.2” wide x 172” long, minimum. Excess can always be machined off.

Q: Any ideas on quantities needed now as well as potential annual quantities?
A: 1 billet of material right now. If possible, could we get pricing on 36 additional billets of material? 5 delivered / year, starting in FY23.

Q: Would machining and processing of the billet be a part of the work package?
A: Machining and processing of the billet is not required.

Q: Can the material be 3D printed?
A: Unfortunately the Air Force cannot accept a 3D printed part for this critical structural component at this time.


Responses to this critical Sources Sought need to provide the following:

  • Please provide the pricing and time required for 1 billet
  • If possible, provide pricing for 36 billets starting in FY23, with 5 delivered per year
  • Please provide material location

All responses, questions, or concerns can be addressed to

Form submission was closed on 7/26/21.


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