Sources Sought: Unarmored Weapon Station

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Army in identifying industry with the capability to manufacture a cab interface (two aluminum panels), to accept a gun mounting ring for the unarmored HEMTT and PLS tactical wheeled vehicles. The armored HEMTT and PLS tactical wheeled vehicles are designed to accept a gun mounting ring.  Commanders are requesting the same ability on an unarmored HEMTT and PLS.  When the gun mounting ring is installed on an unarmored vehicle an opening is created in the roof area which exposes the interior of the vehicle to the elements and other debris as well causing as an improper fit up with the cab at the front of the weapon station.  This exposure and improper fit results in a potentially poor sustainability condition.

The effort pursued here is to manufacture the unarmored cab interface (two aluminum panels), in accordance with drawings 12629820 and 12629821, simulating an armored roof panel to enable the gun mounting ring to properly fit on an unarmored vehicle and improve the sustainability.

The completion of this effort shall include the manufacturing of the unarmored cab interface, the procurement of additional gunner restraint kits and other miscellaneous parts, and the kitting of the parts, as listed on drawing 57k6838, which comprise the entire unarmored weapon station kit.

The government expects to procure more than 50 kits for this effort.

For more detailed information see attachments:

– DRAFT kit contents drawing for all components and assemblies making up the complete kit that would be kitted.
– Short presentation providing some overview of the kit as a whole and its integration on the cab.
– Both preliminary roof panel drawings.

Responses to Sources Sought should provide:
• A value-based submission (completed Cost Summary Form)
• Background of capability development
• Understanding of manufacturing and fabrication of weapons kits
• Cost Summary Form

Interested parties should respond on or before April 12, 2019.