Sources Sought: U.S. Army Seeks Mobile Vehicle Heater Options

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Army in locating industry that can offer options for heating mobile vehicle cabins for cold weather applications. The heating concepts can include fuel-fired air heaters, fuel-fired coolant heaters, or any other available technologies that do not fall into the other two categories.

The heater would need to provide 15,000-60,000+ BTUs/Hour of heating performance (variable performance controls required) – heater must be able to output 60,000 BTU/Hour in the cabin. Other heating concepts or technologies would need to quantify heating performance based on the application.

Responses to Sources Sought should provide:

  • Background of capability development
  • Examples of where the capability is currently used if any
  • Commercial part numbers
  • Packaging envelope dimensions
  • Corporate presentation including engineering, manufacturing and testing capabilities
  • Cost Summary Form

Interested parties should complete the following form on or before September 2, 2019