Sources Sought: NAVAIR CBM+ Training Development Project

Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) is defined as the application and integration of appropriate processes, technologies, and knowledge-based capabilities to improve mission availability, reliability, and reduce operations and support costs of DoD systems and components across their life cycle.  At its core, CBM+ is maintenance performed based on evidence of need, integrating RCM analysis with those enabling processes, technologies, and capabilities that enhance the readiness and maintenance effectiveness of DoD systems and components.  CBM+ enables the sustainment system to be proactive to an impending need for maintenance based on automated health assessment vs run to failure or avoidance failure through manual inspection schedule.  CBM+ uses a systems engineering approach to collect data, enable analysis, and support the decision-making processes for system acquisition, modernization, sustainment, and operations.

According to the DoD CBM+ Guidebook, 65-80% of ownership costs are incurred in the operations and sustainment arena. Four metrics have been established that support CBM+ processes:

  • Materiel availability
  • Materiel reliability
  • Ownership costs
  • Mean downtime

CBM+ is DoD’s key strategy for sustaining readiness at best cost.  A CBM+ system architecture includes the unified system of systems capability designed to assess the current or future state of a weapon system health and integrate that picture of system health within a framework of available mission-ready assets and operational demand. The architecture encompasses: (a) the health monitoring function, the health-ready functions inherent within the aircraft systems and the onboard context functions; (b) the off-board data acquisition, integration, connectivity and exchange functions; and (c) the CBM+ tools and processes used to manage and restore the aircraft’s health.

Current State:
NAVAIR has a well-established Training Continuum and courses in support of Reliability- Centered Maintenance (RCM) but lacks a training continuum for CBM+.  

Future State:
NAVAIR’s end-state is a CBM+ Training Continuum and courses, modeled after the RCM Training Continuum, that will adequately train NAVAIR’s workforce.

Project Scope:
Develop a CBM+ Training Continuum and Courses, using Instructional System Design (ISD) practices.  This project will be completed using the following multi-phased approach. The first phase includes understanding the government’s requirement to include; the desired training continuum, target audience, desired CBM+ end state, and other requirements needed to properly define this project.   The second phase includes conducting a course review of existing government training to include; an ‘on-line’ CBM+ course and a draft NAVAIR CBM+ Fundamentals Course.  The course review for the draft NAVAIR CBM+ Fundamentals Course will occur in a classroom setting.  The industry participant is expected to improve these courses, using proven ISD practices, and ensuring Learning Objectives (LOs) are properly established, course content matches the objectives, and practical exercises reinforce LOs and support testing.   The third phase of this project includes developing a Journeyman (Level II) CBM+ course.  The goal of this project is for the industry participant to develop CBM+ courses for Entry-level, Apprentice (Level I), and Journeyman (Level II) to include provide the government recommendations on the best medium for these courses to be taught.  Both the CBM+ Training Continuum and the three separate CBM+ courses will be deliverables to the government.

The Contractor will develop and provide the government with a POA&M that details the milestones for this requirement and will present this POA&M during the Project Kick-off meeting.  The Project Kick-off meeting will be provided 30 days after contract award.


  1. CBM+ Training Continuum and CBM+ courses will be deliverables to the government
  2. The industry participant will provide the government and overarching brief that summarizes these deliverables

This project is designed to train NAVAIR’s workforce on CBM+ and should be based on the industry’s best standards with a strong aviation perspective.

If you are interested in participating, please respond prior to September 19, 2018. Please include a brief overview of capabilities and previous experience in your submission. All questions and/or inquiries can be addressed to Debra Lilu