Sources Sought: Mobile pRFID system

The government is seeking quotes for a passive radio frequency identification (pRFID) system that can be mounted on mobile platforms (e.g., on cranes or in a backpack).  The system must have a read distance at least 30 feet and provide geo-spatial location in the form of latitude and longitude.  The system must transmit data via a FIPS 140-2 compliant protocol.  The wireless system must be available through a vendor in the United States.  Additional preference is provided for systems that include a completed analysis for Hazard for Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuel, Ordnance, and Personnel (HERF, HERO, HERP) per MIL-STD-464.  There is a potential opportunity to obtain funding in the near term.  If you are interested in responding please submit prior to the deadline.  All questions and/or inquiries can be addressed to Debra Lilu

Deadline for submittals is Friday 5 January 2018.