Sources Sought: Medical Evacuation Trainer

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Army in seeking an industry partner that has the technology to design and develop a vehicle medical evacuation trainer.  This vehicle trainer is a part of the medium armored family of vehicles (FoV).  Vehicle trainers will support medical treatment and ground medical evaluation tasks.  The trainers will have the capability for the instructors to monitor and evaluate medical provider critical tasks during patient treatment.  Meeting these requirements will provide Soldiers, medical providers, and leaders the near-realistic training and familiarization with the equipment, components, and systems they will encounter in the operational environments.

The trainer will support scenario training for Soldiers and enable observers to monitor their progress.  The system shall:

  • Support loading and unloading procedures
  • Support tactical combat casualty care
  • Support en route patient care
  • Support knowledge-based training
  1. Overview: The Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV), Medical Evacuation (ME), is a tracked vehicle and is part of the medium armored family of vehicles (FoV). The AMPV Medical Evacuation variant is used to treat and transport casualties while protecting them in a variety of environments and terrains.
  2. Capabilities: The AMPV ME supports a crew of three and is capable of transporting four litter casualties or six ambulatory casualties. AMPV Trainers will be used to replicate the conditions and environment required to load/unload and treat casualties inside the vehicle trainer while both stationary and while moving.  The trainer will provide an environment that simulates as closely as possible the working spaces of the actual AMPV.  They will contain the same mock-up of the actual hardware and systems as the actual AMPV.  The trainers must not be permanently affixed to the ground and be capable of being moved under shelter providing protection from rain and other environmental elements.  The trainers must be capable of being moved by personnel or towed by a vehicle.

More specifications will be provided once submitters fulfill the initial documentation requirements

Interested parties should complete the following form including:

  • Background of capability summary
  • Examples of where the capability is currently used if any
  • URLs to corporate presentations including engineering, manufacturing and testing capabilities
  • Cost Summary Form

Submissions must be completed before Thursday, January 16, 2020.  All questions can be addressed to