Sources Sought: Logistics Platform to Analyze Fuel Consumption Data Needed by the U.S. Marine Corps

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Marine Corps Joint Operational Energy Command and Control (JOEC2) program to develop an integrated logistics platform that analyzes metering and monitoring data from vehicles and refueling assets.

Recent capability assessments have shown that the Operating Forces do not have sufficient knowledge of how much fuel is available and needed across the battlefield.  This gap in understanding of supply capacity and operational demands inhibits the ability to plan for fuel and can result in energy induced culmination and ineffective utilization of fuel. Emerging concepts for distributed operations will exacerbate these issues.

Current and future Marine Corps Warfighting Concepts require that Marine Air Ground Task Forces (MAGTFs) have a capability to generate focused and tailored logistics support to the maneuver elements within the Joint Operations Area (JOA).  In order to provide flexible and adaptive logistic support in concert with evolving warfighting concepts such as the Marine Corps Operational Concept (MOC) and Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations (EABO), Operational Commanders and their staffs will require access to accurate, time relevant, mission-critical logistics information relating to the various elements and equipment of the MAGTF.  Such information will create the logistics visibility needed by the expeditionary warfighter to ensure that units within the Area of Operations (AO) remain combat effective.  Central to this requirement is the ability to receive timely and accurate Operational Energy information about the status and support needs of ground tactical energy consumption in deployed environments under various mission scenarios and operational conditions.

JOEC2 is a joint material solution capturing all the energy data on the battlefield, aggregating it, and creating information for decision-makers and planners.

Responses to this Sources Sought should provide:

  • A value-based submission
  • Background of capability development
  • Understanding of Operational Energy requirements as they relate to future operational needs
  • Completed Cost Summary Form

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