Sources Sought: Integrated Global Logistics Network to Allow Model-Based Enterprise (MBE)

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Navy to locate technology that will integrate MBE models to facilitate the rapid transformation of facilities as mission requirements change. As MBE renditions of facilities are developed and maintained, no common repository or site is being considered to holistically manage these files and the associated data. Segmented data will contribute to sub-optimized facility efforts and prevent interoperability of logistics functions across depots.

The Navy is looking for technology that will specifically address the following solutions:

  • Publish data standards for MBE across Navy sites
  • Integrate web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) containing all facility MBE models

Responses to Sources Sought should provide:

  • Background of capability development
  • Examples of where the capability is currently used if any
  • Corporate presentation including engineering, manufacturing and testing capabilities
  • Cost Summary Form

Interested parties should complete the following form on or before Tuesday, September 3, 2019. All questions and/or inquiries can be addressed to