Sources Sought: Fire Suppression Kits

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Army in seeking an industry partner who can provide custom kitting as part of a fire suppression system evaluation. The U.S. Army’s Opposing Forces (OPFOR) Surrogate Family of Vehicles (OSV) are in constant use and run at high operational temperatures increasing the risk of fires. The Army is seeking various designs for the harnessing kit to complement heat sensors and fire suppression elements currently on the vehicles.

Tactical vehicles travel thousands of miles training rotational forces. This project will rely on the sensors that function in concert with harnessing kits.

This Sources Sought is for the harnessing kits only. The Army is seeking companies that have the technology to fabricate a small run of one-off kits that will encompass harnesses, brackets, and other pieces that adhere to the frame of a tactical vehicle. The Army will evaluate the design improvements during this project and once a successful design is chosen plan to install this system into their fleet.

Interested parties should complete the following form including:

  • Background of capability summary
  • Examples of where the capability is currently used if any
  • URLs to corporate presentations including engineering, manufacturing and testing capabilities

Submissions must be complete before Friday, November 29, 2019. All questions can be addressed to