Sources Sought: Engine Life Management Assistance

On behalf of the USAF Propulsion Enterprise, NCMS is seeking sources with capabilities in the domain of life management program for engine fracture critical components to ensure engine flight safety.  Life Management is a comprehensive and continuous effort using analytical modeling and empirical data to determine fatigue life limitations/fracture points of critical safety items under applicable mission use.  Typically this effort is provided by the engine OEM via the Component Improvement Program (CIP).


Life Management for the engine was provided by PW Canada through the Navy CIP.  Life limits are published and administered as AF Tech Data.   Since Navy retirement of the engine, this endeavor has not continued and PWC has indicated an unwillingness to continue this support.  Contractor shall undertake life management starting with updating AF UH-1N mission usage and verify current published life limits are valid.  Subsequent work shall include fleet surveillance of usage and perform analytical evaluations of component characteristics as necessary to maintain life cycle management


Life Management for the engine is issued by FAA.  Life limits are published and administered via Commercial Tech Data and FAA Airworthiness Directives (AD).  These limits are based on commercial usage which may not reflect AF mission use. Contractor shall perform AF mission analysis to verify FAA limits are applicable for AF use.  This is a one time effort.