Sources Sought: Egyptian Air Force Maintenance/Sustainment Project

The U.S. Air Force is taking part in an effort to improve aircraft support equipment for aircraft operated by the Egyptian Air Force. It is seeking to identify external partners to assist with engineering assessments related to repairing, refurbishing, overhauling, and testing several classes of items, including turbine and fuel system components, milling and grinding machines, and test stands. For a full list, see the table below.

These assessments will take place at Helwan Air Base in Egypt.

Pressure BoosterIngersoll RandS4AHSUH0-S
Cooling Turbine Air Bearing Test CartAAI ACL Technologies Inc.9090-0023
Cooling Turbine Oil Bearing CartAAI ACL Technologies Inc.9090-0025
Fuel Flow Transmitter Test StandCox311AHT
Vertical Milling Machine CNCLagun Engineering SolutionsVMC 4824-X
Hydraulic Grind Measurement Console Test StandAAI ACL Technologies Inc.9770-0689
Grinding Machine CNCVercoRCNV3000
Grinding Machine CNCOverbeck610-IT-CNC-1500
Horizontal Milling Machine CNCGidings & LewisLG50T
External OD Grinding Machine CNCLizzinePOLO-15-CNC
Pneumatic Valve Test CartAAI ACL Technologies Inc.9090-0022
CSD Pump & Governor Test StandAAI ACL Technologies Inc.5104-001
Electro Hydraulic Valve Test StandAAI ACL Technologies Inc.9770-0668
Hydraulic Multi-Console Test StandAAI ACL Technologies Inc.9770-00638
Hydraulic Console ISA Assembly Test StandAAI ACL Technologies Inc.9730-0119
Power Hydraulic Central SystemAAI ACL Technologies Inc.9670-01079670-0107

(S/N 4616-002)

Coordinate Measuring MachineMitutoyoBRT-A 1220
Flow GrinderOver BeckEC-400
Hydraulic Console Power Drive Unit Test BenchAAI ACL Technologies Inc.OZWK8-E99060
Multi Axis Turning Machine CNCMori SeikiNT4300 DCG


If you are interested, please respond prior to July 27, 2018.  All questions and/or inquiries can be addressed to Debra Lilu at

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