Sources Sought: Advanced Survivability and Force Protection Subsystems for Ground Combat Vehicles

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Army in seeking an industry partner(s) that have concepts and/or technologies to design and develop advanced survivability and force protection subsystems for future Army Ground Combat Vehicle and Robotic Combat Vehicle applications.  Concepts or technologies could address any of the following:

  • Advanced materials and manufacturing processes to enable system-level weight reduction, increase vehicle hull structure blast protection, and overall vehicle/armor durability.
  • Passive and/or active vehicle protection technologies for the entire vehicle for both kinetic energy and chemical energy penetrators.
  • Hit Avoidance technologies.
  • Technologies to counter Unmanned Arial Systems.
  • Occupant protection technologies.
  • Occupant and vehicle vulnerability reduction technologies (e.g., fire suppression, mitigation of vehicle fuel fires, ammunition compartmentalization, etc.).
  • Vehicle design techniques and advanced subsystem components to increase the survivability of occupants and systems.
  • Vehicle Occupant safety technologies (e.g., rollover prevention, front/side/rear crash prevention sensors/cameras, etc.).
  • Technologies to mitigate impacts of cyber and/or electronic attack.
  • Technologies to mitigate against chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive weapons.
  • Cost and Technology Readiness Assessment associated with these capabilities.

Briefings and white papers addressing any of the aforementioned technologies should be proposed.  Responses will be selected for the full development of the briefings/white papers and used, at a minimum, to inform requirements for future manned and unmanned ground combat vehicle systems.  Unique technologies that demonstrate technical maturity may be recommended for future cooperative research and development projects.

Interested parties should complete the following form including:

  • Background of capability summary
  • Examples of where the capability is currently used if any
  • URLs to corporate presentations including engineering, manufacturing and testing capabilities
  • Cost Summary Form

Interested parties should complete the following form no later than Wednesday, September 30.  Any questions can be directed to