Sources Sought: Advanced Diagnostics and Prognostics Systems for Combat Vehicles

NCMS is assisting the U.S. Army in seeking an industry partner(s) that have concepts and/or technologies to design and develop advanced maintenance systems for Army Ground Combat Vehicle and Robotic Combat Vehicle applications. Future operations utilizing robotic and semi-autonomous vehicles require robust maintenance systems that enable decision-making based on the projected health of the platform. Concepts or technologies could address any of the following:

  • Systems that use automated intelligent processes for determining predictive failures and calculating the remaining useful life of major assemblies and sub-components.
  • Self-diagnostics systems currently designed for commercial/military aerospace and/or aviation platforms that have not yet been scaled to ground vehicles.
  • Existing prognostic or diagnostic systems that have not been ruggedized for use outside of a laboratory or are in commercial use but not yet suited to military ground vehicles.
  • Technologies that can identify and self-correct faults with limited operator or mechanical servicing.
  • Maintenance processes that significantly reduce the repair cycle time of ground vehicle platforms.

Briefings and white papers addressing any of the aforementioned technologies should be proposed. Responses will be selected for full development and used, at a minimum, to inform requirements for future manned and unmanned ground combat vehicle systems. Unique technologies that demonstrate technical maturity may be recommended for future collaborative R&D projects.

Interested parties should complete the following:

  • Background of capability summary (please include how your proposed technology could be transferred from commercial to a military application).
  • Examples of where the capability is currently used if any.
  • URLs to corporate presentations including engineering, manufacturing, and testing capabilities.
  • Cost Summary Form

Interested parties should complete the following form no later than Tuesday, June 26, 2020.  Any questions can be directed to