Six Companies with Innovative Technologies to Join NCMS at the 2019 DoD Maintenance Symposium

The DoD Maintenance Symposium will be December 9-12, 2019 in Spokane, WA. Typically attended by over 1,500 DoD personnel, defense industry non-profits, and academia, this event is a hub for learning the latest in maintenance and sustainment innovations, challenges, and initiatives.

NCMS is thrilled once again to be at the core (literally) of this excellent event with Booth #517 at the Maintenance and Logistics Exhibition. Anchoring the booth will be six companies with innovative technologies that are game-changers in the maintenance and sustainment realms. Take a closer look at some of these new and innovative technologies and see why NCMS is so excited to be partnering with them.

Atmospheric Plasma Solutions: Atmospheric Plasma Coating Removal is an effective de‐painting technology that uses no media, requires no containment and does no damage to the substrate while also safer for the artisan and environment. Using only air and electricity the system converts organic components of paints and sealants into carbon dioxide and water vapor. Note: Atmospheric Plasma Solutions won the 2019 CTMA Technology Competition which included funding for a one-year project with DoD.

Bradley Ground Vehicle Trainer collaboration of companies: This collaboration with The Michigan Research Institute and Oasis Advanced Engineering will seek to raise technical training effectiveness through simulation and e-learning. Focused on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, analog training systems will be upgraded to realistic digital-data-driven systems. Tools necessary to address the shortage of trained technicians will provide career opportunities for young Americans.

Lockheed Martin: Lockheed Martin has invested in augmented reality technology for maintenance and manufacturing at multiple sites. It is being used for spacecraft manufacturing and is being piloted for aircraft maintenance. NCMS/CTMA collaborated with Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems (LM RMS) in Orlando to create maintenance and logistics applications for the USMC that include machine gun assembly and disassembly instructions with 3D overlays, shopping cart and BOM capabilities and progress tracking, as well as LAV25 inspection capabilities, on multiple-edge devices, that directly link to external databases to provide automatically-created work instructions and inspection status. LM RMS is also providing remote expert capability to link the artisans with remote subject matter experts.

Tamr: Tamr is the enterprise-scale data unification company trusted by industry leaders like Toyota, Thomson Reuters, and GSK. The company’s patented software platform uses machine learning supplemented with customers’ knowledge to unify and prepare data across myriad silos to deliver previously unavailable business-changing insights. Tamr makes it easy for data engineers to combine, master, and classify diverse data sources at scale. With a co-founding team led by Andy Palmer (founding CEO of Vertica) and Mike Stonebraker (Turing Award winner) and backed by founding investors NEA and GV, Tamr is transforming how companies get value from their data.

ZOLLER: ZOLLER Inc. is a leading manufacturer of tool presetting and measuring, inspection, tool management, and automation solutions. Efficiency solutions will leave you fully prepared to make your first part a good part every time. Guaranteed accuracy, precision and preparedness – that’s ZOLLER Solutions.

Siemens will also participate in the booth.