Save the Date: NCMS Hosts Second Technology Showcase at the U.S. Naval Shipyard, Yokosuka, Japan May 12-13

With a mission of “anticipating and providing fleet service and support needs on demand,” the U.S. Naval Shipyard Yokosuka has asked NCMS to host a second Technology Showcase, May 12-13, 2021. The shipyard is challenged with providing extended service to their fleet in a high tempo environment, yet they don’t have access to all the latest technologies that their counterparts at domestic facilities do. 

The following is an initial list of desired technologies:  

  • Virtual Reality Training Solutions 

Maintainers can familiarize themselves with work environments and learn how to operate machinery and equipment as well as find out how to react to unexpected occurrences.  

  • 3D Handy Scanners/Laser Scan 

Hand-held and/or mobile measurement instruments that automatically recognizes the weld bead shape from profile measurement technology and profile data by optical cutting 3D measurement using a laser and camera.  

  • Multi-purpose Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) and Ship Data Platform 

An unmanned vehicle (or drone) capable of undertaking various applications that may include measuring elements, collecting samples, monitoring conditions, and surveying. The ideal technology would collect and store real-time data such as nautical system and engine system and supports the use and utilization of big data. 

  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) 

An AUV that is capable of autonomously assessing its surrounding conditions and circumstances while carrying out preassigned missions and transfer collected inspection data. 

  • Reconditioning Capability 

Maintenance and repair of marine engines with an emphasis on reconditioning.  

  • Drone for equipment inspection 

Technology that will assist with inspection in confined or hard/dangerous to reach spaces. Interface will allow for maintainers to follow inspections on a secure, live portal.  

  • Runbook Automation 

Provides maintainers, supervisors, and subject matter experts access to needed procedures and operations to reference for troubleshooting and standards creation.   

  • Solutions for Weld Inspection 

Searching for fast, accurate inspection technology that provides quick set up and reporting.  

  • Magnets for various solutions 

Innovative magnetic technology that can increase safety, productivity, and speed with tasks such as welding, fabrication, automation, shipbuilding, and other heavy industry.  

  • Wrapping repair solutions 

Repair solutions for restoring strength of corroded, weakened and holed piping and tank walls.  

  • Laser Ablation 

Innovative technology to remove surface paint, dirt, mold, and other cover layers without leaving residue. 

  • Storage Systems 

Automated industrial vending and inventory management solutions. 

  • Pipe Welding Systems 

Innovative pipe welding technology that increases accuracy, consistency and reduces operator fatigue.  

  • Air Leak Detector and Viewer 

Technology that detects and generates reports of compressed air leaks with a viewer uses ultrasonic waves to detect air leaks using an array sensor. 

  • RFID/IC Tag for Time Keeping & Roll Call 

Tags and readers for personnel safety and productivity. 

  • Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles 

Technology that will assist in specialized operations with sensors to collect data, and customizable to utilize over several scenarios.  

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics 
  • Metal 3D Printers 
  • Cloud Technology 
  • Working support for Augmented Reality system 

To gauge interest and assist with decision-making as this event evolves, please email with the following information: 

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