Remembering Richard Morley

A special note from NCMS President Rick Jarman:

It is with deep sadness that I am announcing that Dick Morley passed away Tuesday, October 17, 2018.


Dick was affiliated with NCMS for many years as a member and leader on our Strategic Technology Board where I got to know and appreciate him. In the late 90’s he was elected Chairman of the NCMS Board and began the reinvention of NCMS that put us on the successful path we have taken. He was one of the country’s most brilliant technology minds and entrepreneurs. He was awarded many prestigious awards, was a speaker at many conferences regarding technology and the future, and he never forgot NCMS acknowledging us as a part of his background and success and as a model for the future.


When I became NCMS President I talked with Dick regularly, he gave me good counsel and encouragement which I will always appreciate. He will be missed by many of us who knew him.


Dick joined NCMS for a podcast which captures his personality, insight into technology, and anecdotes about his collaborations and inventions.

SME remembrance of Richard Morley can be found here: