Project Success: Blockchain Huge Success Story with Five Demonstrations

Between February and the beginning of March 2019, the CTMA project Adapting Blockchain Technology for Additive Manufacturing was successfully demonstrated at five depots.

  • Marine Corps Fabrication Lab at Twenty-Nine Palms, CA
  • AMRDEC at Corpus Christi, TX
  • Fleet Readiness Center Southwest, CA
  • Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Keyport, WA
  • Tinker Air Force Base, OK

With industry participants’ Guardtime Federal’s technology and MOOG, Inc.’s VeriPart™ 4.0 enabling platform employing Blockchain, security of technical data packages used in additive manufactured parts can be assured.

VeriPart is a distributed, Blockchain-based transaction system that can provide per-part provenance and traceability across a distributed network. Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, permits each transaction of record to be recorded on a shared, distributed ledger where authorized parties can query transactions for authorization and traceability of provenance back to source requirements.

This project demonstrated the capabilities of VeriPart with one polymer and one metal part printed at each demonstration site. Additionally demonstrated were: counterfeit mitigation, smart contract execution, part provenance to validate the process/build integrity and ledger auditability, followed by a build analysis against the design.

Demonstrated at the five locations, VeriPart confirmed that it could ensure that the digital asset wasn’t manipulated, the source is valid, only the permitted quantity was made, and the intellectual property ownership was protected.

The next and final steps for this successful project are a brief to leadership as well as a final report.