Project Opportunity Rapid Access to Readiness Essential (RARE) Parts

Rapid Access to Readiness-essential (RARE) Parts through Rapid Manufacturing & Repair (RM&R) Technologies

Rapid Manufacturing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), is a transformational manufacturing paradigm expected to supplant traditional machining and tooling processes for the fabrication of select products. This revolutionary technology builds net shape or near net shape parts layer by layer directly from CAD. Additive technologies allow part design freedoms not possible with traditional fabrication methods. Complex-multiple part configurations can be constructed in a single build, thus allowing reduction in the numbers of component parts needing assembly.

The objectives of the CTMA Rapid Manufacturing & Repair RARE parts program are to explore:

  • the range and capabilities of additive technologies and the benefits that can be derived,
  • AM technologies as timely solutions to RARE part replacement (legacy parts, obsolete parts, parts no longer available due to diminishing manufacturing resources),
  • State of the art AM capabilities for insertion into the DoD organic maintenance base and industry.

Additionally, this program interfaces with machinery OEMs, materials and software developers to:

  • facilitate the maturation and deployment of AM technologies, which now range from TRL/MRL 8 to 9 depending upon the part to be fabricated, throughout DoD organic maintenance base,
  • advocate and instigate AM industry advancements, AM design guidelines, and standards development to mature to TRL/MRL 9 to 10 respectively.

The CTMA-NCMS program offers a unique platform to achieve the necessary collaborations to develop the potential of these technologies for DoD and industrial applications.