Project Announcement – Integrating 3D Technical Data Packages (TDPs) into a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Environment

Suppliers and vendors must be ready and willing to accept three-dimensional (3D) models in place of two-dimensional (2D) drawings whenever possible, as failure to do so will result in extended product development schedules, increased costs and poor product quality.  However, moving to a Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) approach requires a significant shift in how end users create, visualize and interact with design representations, either 2D or 3D.  This brings up the question – Are industry suppliers ready to make 3D drawings the master to manufacture parts?
A cultural change is necessary to embrace a 3D model-centric deliverable that extends beyond the internal boundaries of the organization.  Industry will need standards and policies during the creation of the 3D model.  Additionally, industry department organizations such as quality, inspection, manufacturing and service must have mechanisms to accept and work with 3D models as the primary document, relying less and less on 2D drawings or eliminating them.

A comparison of the CREO Parametric models with the new PRC and STEP model files will be conducted to ensure that these models define an identical geometry.  The proposed solution is to partner with industry leaders to formulate a MBD TDP.  The TDP will consist of engineering drawing formats that are compatible with the existing 3D PDF (PRC) solution and embedding STEP files into these PDF files.  In this initiative, the proposed solution is to partner with industry leaders to create a process, which will work with multiple CAD and PLM systems processes.

Those interested in participating in this initiative should contact Jeff Walker, (360) 782-1370