Project Announcement – Expeditionary Fluid Analysis Capability (Phase II)

Effective fluid analysis can be central to a unit’s preventive and predictive maintenance programs.  Whether the interval to change oil or check equipment fluids is based on calendar days, mileage, or a combination of measures, a sound fluid analysis program lays the foundation for improving equipment readiness and availability.  During preparations for training exercises or deployments, units may conduct fluid changes in order to begin the training or deployment with the freshest, most effective fluids in their equipment.  Contrary to this particular practice, multiple studies of fluid analysis programs within the Department of Defense has determined that over 80% of the recovered oil still met or exceeded manufacturers specifications after it was recovered during equipment oil changes.

A portable, deployable, reliable fluid analysis device can quickly and accurately determine fluid condition and provide immediate feedback on fluid condition and quality.  These devices provide vehicle operators and maintenance personnel the ability to quickly and accurately determine oil/fluid quality on a real-time basis utilizing a minimal sample size.  The Expeditionary Fluid Analysis Capability (EFAC) will provide participants a portable fluid testing and diagnostic tool that provides maintenance personnel with real-time assessments of equipment fluid condition.

The strategic objectives of the EFAC are to:

  • Enhance and modernize the joint oil analysis program
  • Rapidly deliver fluid assessment results to maintenance personnel
  • Provide a mechanism to virtually connect oil analysis laboratories with the maintenance community at the POM
  • Refine laboratory operations and analysis
  • Improve maintenance execution
  • Improve the condition, reliability, and readiness of the weapon systems employed by the military Services

Those interested in participating in this initiative should contact Debbie Lilu, (734) 995-7038