Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Society Annual Meeting

CTMA will be sponsoring a CBM+ panel at the upcoming Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Society Annual Meeting in Denver, CO, October 2-8, 2016. The NCMS panel will include representatives from industry, academia & government with a focus on CBM+. PHM leaders attended the recent CTMA Partners Meeting and found the topic and the best practices shared to be relevant to their industry. The following individuals will be presenting or speaking at the conference:

Luminary Presentations:

Dr. David Hilmers, Former Astronaut and medical researcher: “Dealing with Disaster in Space and on Earth”

Dr. Daniel Mack, Director of Baseball Analytics/Research Science, Kansas City Royals: “Diagnostics with a Noisy Sensor: From Aircraft to Player Performance”


Keynotes Speakers:

Dr. Jay Lee, University of Cincinnati: “Recent advances of industrial big data analytics and cyber physical systems for future PHM applications in broad areas of manufacturing”

Ms Rhonda Walthall, UTC Aerospace Systems: “The Role of PHM at Commercial Airlines”

Dr. Rui Abreu, PARC and DX16: “Testing and Debugging Software Applications”
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