Present at These Coming JTEG Technology Forums

NCMS is seeking speakers to present its August and September JTEG Technology Forum on (respectively) Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) and automated painting and laser and automated painting removal. JTEG Technology Forums are venue for manufacturing leaders to share knowledge and discuss new advances and technology applications in their fields, especially as they apply to U.S. Armed Services maintenance needs. The forums give participants the opportunity to showcase their work and tout their accomplishments to an audience of industry peers and DoD observers. They are conducted in a webinar format via Conference America. Speakers should be prepared to present for [time] and keep the focus of their presentations on IDI (for the August session) and automated painting/laser and automated de-painting (for September). Prospective speakers may indicate their interest in either session or both.

The August 29, 2017 forum will discuss multiple NDI technologies, novel applications, and emerging trends. Non-destructive inspection (NDI) allows for the discovery and identification of damage or hidden flaws when intervening objects or coating layers limit access to the system or structure under inspection. Applications of NDI include weld inspection, fatigue crack detection, corrosion detection, bond quality, hidden damage, delamination, and voids. NDI needs are pervasive and cross-service and are required in a cross section of ships, airplanes and ground systems.

The September 26, 2017 forum will include discussions on the advancements of DoD laser coating removal programs, including robotic laser paint stripping and full-aircraft robotic painting. Laser and automated paint removal technologies use commercial, off-the-shelf components that are reliable and easy to maintain, and they have demonstrated the potential to reduce costs, reduce waste, improve safety, and increase weapon system readiness.  They have an interest in any programs, projects, and technologies for removing aerospace topcoats and primers from large scale composite structures and components.