Sources Sought: Heating Equipment for Large Marine Shafts

NCMS is assisting the US Navy to identify a partner with capabilities and experience customizing heating solutions for marine propulsion shafting.

Large propulsion shafts used in ships periodically require maintenance. These large shafts must be heated for straightening and stress relief. Currently this process is completed with the use of resistance power heaters. This process requires long set-up times and has many potential failure points. When a failure occurs, work must be stopped until the equipment has cooled and can be reset. This method results in increased downtime and cost, and it can create a backlog of shafts in line for maintenance.

Solution Sought
The US Navy is seeking a partner with experience creating custom shaft heating systems. This partner must have the capabilities to develop all necessary tooling and processes. (e.g., induction heating)

Material: 4340 steel
Prop Taper: 26” to 20” diameter over a six-foot length
Straight Sections: 23” to 28.25” diameter
Fairwater Stocks: tapered 20” to 13” diameter over a length of 66”

Desired Solution Capabilities

  • Ability to heat up to 1200° F
  • Ability to control the rate of heating and hold a +/- 25° F soak temperature
  • Ability to heat up to 15’ in length at one time

White Paper Response
Interested parties should provide a white paper response with no more than five (5) pages using the format below. Responses are due no later than COB 5/13/2022. All questions or concerns can be addressed to

White Paper Response

  1. Describe the general approach to accomplish the objective
  2. Describe assumptions
  3. Provide a detailed approach to the objective
  4. Provide high-level project schedule and timing
  5. Describe the rough order-of-magnitude cost
  6. Describe a recent and relevant experience in accomplishing similar objectives.
  7. Provide URLs to corporate presentations including engineering, modeling and simulation, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing capabilities.

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    Response Submission

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