External Opportunity: Alternate, Environmentally-Friendly Propulsion Concepts for High Performance

External Opportunity Program: Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP)

Program Area: Weapon Systems and Platforms

Objective of Proposed Work:

The objective of this Statement of Need (SON) is to investigate novel energetics formulations or engineering approaches in propulsion systems to meet current and future mission requirements across the Department of Defense (DOD), while substantially reducing or eliminating ammonium perchlorate (AP), and completely eliminating RDX and isocyanates.

Requirements for this notional system include a high-performance tactical rocket motor that is 10″ diameter by 90″ long, where length is measured from the forward dome of the motor pressure vessel to the exit plane of the nozzle, and is typically loaded with a solid aluminized composite propellant (AP & aluminum) to maximize total impulse. Assuming a very high volumetric loading efficiency, differences in motor case design, and nozzle configuration, the propellant load-out for this hypothetical motor is theoretically in excess of 300 lbs., and potentially up to 315 lbs. Maximum theoretical delivered impulse is approximately 80,000 lbf-s. Replacement of the current aluminized composite propellant solution with one that eliminates AP is the goal. Propulsion and/or formulation solutions should be proposed for a 10-inch diameter form factor, delivering comparable total impulse. In propulsion solutions that deviate from traditional solid propellants, such as hybrid or liquids, ancillary components like tankage, valving, gas generators, etc., should be considered and discussed in the proposed effort. Expected propellant data for this notional approach will require the normal characterization (see link) in order to validate the assumptions…

To learn more visit: https://www.serdp-estcp.org/Funding-Opportunities/SERDP-Solicitations/Core-SONs/WPSON-23-C6-Alternate-Environmentally-Friendly-Propulsion-Concepts-for-High-Performance