External Opportunity: Advanced Understanding and Methods of Invasive Species Control

External Opportunity Program: Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP)

Program Area: Resource Conservation and Resiliency

Objective of Proposed Work:

The objective of this Statement of Need (SON) is to advance scientific understanding of the changes in distribution, abundance, and population dynamics of invasive species, and their potential foreseeable impacts to military readiness as a result of changes to threatened and endangered species and species at risk, changes or development of vectors and vector-borne diseases, disruption of ecosystem services, and foreseeable resultant encumbrances to military land use such as training and testing activities.

Proposals are sought focused on innovative methods that address invasive species currently present or with a high likelihood of becoming established on Department of Defense (DOD) lands. Proposals must consider climate change-induced effects, changes in invasive species abundance and distribution, and resultant impacts, if any, on the relevant ecosystem with a particular focus on impacts to threatened and endangered and at-risk species.

The following should be considered in the development of proposals:

  • The use of existing or novel assessment techniques with preference being given to varied and integrated assessment techniques.
  • Analysis of the potential for climate change induced biological invasions and potential mitigation.
  • Invasive species that are or hold a high potential to impact military training and testing lands, ecosystem services, endemic plant, and animal distributions, threatened and endangered species, vector-borne disease or other human, plant, animal, or ecosystem risks.

Preference will be given to proposals that reflect a detailed understanding of invasive species management in the context of DoD mission, land use, biosecurity posture, and responsibilities for the management of natural resources. Proposals must include the rationale for the species selected.

To learn more visit: https://www.serdp-estcp.org/Funding-Opportunities/SERDP-Solicitations/Core-SONs/RCSON-23-C1-Advanced-Understanding-and-Methods-of-Invasive-Species-Control